Ring "Art Déco"



Breathtaking pieces of jewellery were created as a status symbol of luxury with the beginning of the „Golden or Roaring Twenties“. The eponymous

„Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes“ took place to tribute this design revolution in 1925 in Paris. At that period the public committed themselves to the beautiful things of life which is reflected in outstanding designs. Not only jewels, as well fashion, furniture, accessories and architecture were influenced by that spirit of time. For this reason this era is rated as one of the most various and most spectacular ones and gave us  some of the world`s most famous artists. The main aim was to develop partly futuristic designs and abstract forms; in addition glory and glamour. To stand out in an individual and attractive way with these magnificent and refined creations was not only „en`vogue“, it was desired. Equally unique were the expressive and self-confident ladies which have worn these precious pieces of jewellery.



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