Switzerland’s highest located manufacture

Traditional techniques and craftsmanship


Koenig is defined by perfect design, elegance and the highest standards in quality. Exquisite jewelry, works of art and unique pieces are brought to life in Switzerland’s highest located workshop in the quiet surrounding of the Engadine Alps. The state-of-the-art equipped atelier offers perfect conditions for the team to dedicate itself fully to the artistic work without any distractions. With a passion for details and a commitment to the highest standards, the team turns ideas into reality.

Our trained experts create pieces of jewelry that last and last


At the Koenig atelier in Celerina, a team of goldsmiths and stone setters are among the few people in the world who still apply traditional jewelry-making techniques to their work.


All of our jewelry pieces are manufactured by hand. In comparison to commercially produced jewelry, we use an array of intricate processes without the help of CNC tools or computer-aided procedures.


Koenig’s team of professionals creates expertly crafted jewelry designs, that not only excite and inspire but also last and last.

Ethical values, ecological action


Your piece of jewellery originates from a RJC - Responsible Jewellery Council, London reviewed and certified value chain complying the highest international standards regarding ethic and ecology. 


100% of all used precious metals have been entirely recycled:

  • Ethical harmless and socially acceptable, the raw material originates from examined, supervised sources far from conflict regions and has been acquired following responsible trade practices.
  • Sustainable for Mother Nature, conservation of natural resources and preservation of the natural habitat of humans and animals while using explicitly secondary raw materials from the local jewellery branch.
  • Ecological responsible, produced while respecting ultimate environmental requirements in state-of-the-art facilities to protect air & water. 

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Credit: GYR Edelmetalle AG - RJC - Zertifiziert