GIA "The 4C's" by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade

The 4 C's

The method developed by the Gemological Institute of America determines the quality of a diamond based on the 4C’s for Color, Clarity, Carat (weight, 1 carat corresponds to 0.2 grams) & Cut.

Rapaport Diamond Report by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade

Rapaport Diamond Report

All of our diamonds, weighing more than 0.50 carat, are exclusively GIA-Certified and offered to our clients at prices, based on the Rapaport Diamond Report.

Manufacture by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade

Quality and Ecology

Your jewellery piece comes from an RJC-Responsible Jewellery Council (London) tested  and certified value chain respecting the highest international standards regarding ethic and ecology. 

A Diamond has magical attraction, stands for timeless beauty and eternity. Only if a diamond fulfills all the strict criteria of our house, it will be used for a Koenig creation. All our designs are focused on highest quality, asthetic and exquisite craftsmanship – for all the ladies around the world.