A diamond has a magical attraction and stands for timeless beauty and true love.

Engagement Rings by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade


Since our foundation in 1985 we have been working exclusively with diamonds of conflict-free origin. Diamonds weighing more than 0.50 carat are GIA-certified only.

Wedding Bands by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade


A classic eternity ring is a symbol of deep attachment- as an everlasting gift for a lady, engagement or wedding ring: Our Eternity ring is always timeless and beautiful. The diamonds melt within the mounting and form an endless sparkling piece of eternal jewellery. 

Bridal Jewelry by Koenig® Jewellery - 100% swiss handmade


With round brilliant KOENIG® diamonds, these earstuds stand for classic elegance. The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut amongst all diamondshapes, and is considered as an alltime classic. These beautiful earstuds are an investment for life.