Koenig Earrings Collection - 100% swiss handmade


Modern architecture was reinterpreted in this creation using the finest materials and diamonds. Apart from these stunning earrings the Birds-Nest collection also includes a matching pendant, the corresponding bracelet and ring. 

Koenig Ring Collection - 100% swiss handmade


The color and quality of the pink sapphires used for this ring is exceptional. This unique creation perfectly combines the brilliance of the colored gemstones with the sparkling diamonds.


Koenig Bracelets - 100% swiss handmade


This vibrant jewel flatters ist wearer with ease and has been manufatured with lots of love to the detail. This bracelet is graceful and charming at the same time – a precious companion for every occasion.

Koenig Necklaces - 100% swiss handmade


The beautiful color and quality of the natural sapphires used for this necklace speaks for itself. The clarity and brilliance of the colored gemstones in combination with sparkling diamonds underline this unique creation.

Koenig Pendants  -100% swiss handmade


Élégance is a timeless and everlasting classic –  finest craftsmanship meets finest quality materials. As a single jewel or as an entire collection -  Élégance is the perfect gift for everlasting moments.

Koenig Cufflinks - 100% swiss handmade


These discreet cufflinks, studded with round brilliants, underline the class of each gentleman.