Passion since 1985

Roger König, creative force and Managing Director

Roger König was educated as a goldsmith in Düsseldorf, Germany, before joining the family company in St. Moritz in 1995. Now he is not only the creative force of the house but he also manages the company with great success.


Due to his father, Ewald König, his first contact with the world of jewelry design came very early. At the age of just 18, he took solo trips around the world and gained an insight into all facets of jewelry, from various design influences to a wide array of production techniques.

The founder: Ewald König

The story starts at the end of the 1970s. Ewald König, is working for one of the most prestigious jewelers in the world. Passionate about his work, he enjoys a close relationship with the industry and has impeccably good taste. In the Paris headquarter his talents are quickly noticed and he is offered a leading role. He surpasses the high expectations and helps to lead the luxury brand in a new direction.


Despite the success he enjoys during this period, Ewald König knows that the future will hold something different ready for him. He is looking for something special, something exceptional, and wants to find a way to respect and fulfill clients' individual needs and wishes. And it is precisely this level of individuality that the large and prestigious companies are no longer able to offer. 

The step into independence

Ewald König with his wife Marion

When a boutique became available in the center of the Engadine’s most exclusive resort, he seizes the opportunity and establishes the todays' known company in 1985. Via Maistra 15 in the center of St. Moritz became the new home of the watch and jewelry specialist. As an exclusive representative of various luxury-brands he marks quickly as one of the best adresses in "town".


As clients demand more and more for individual high-jewellery pieces he starts at the beginning of the 1990s to collaborate with some renewed Swiss workshops to turn his designs into reality.

The Junior joins the family business

The next milestone comes in 1995. Ewald König’s 24-year-old son Roger joins the family business after completing his goldsmith education. Due to his father, Roger came into contact with the world of jewelry at an early age. His passion for design and his affinity for exclusive high jewelry have been with him since birth. At the age of just 18, he started travelling in every corner of the world to gain experience in craftsmanship and to train his skills.

A successful father and son relation

Now the company is the only one in St.Moritz with an own in-house atelier. However at that time the father-and-son designes partially still need to be outsourced to third party Swiss workshops due to the limited manpower; but there is growing a deep desire to manufacture one day all creations exclusively in house.  


Ewald and Roger  have concrete ideas when it comes to aesthetics and workmanship - increasingly they have to face problems trying to realize their ideas with the external partners. 

The atelier grows

Finally, at the end of the 1990s, Ewald and Roger establish the todays known goldsmith atelier in Celerina. To add more independence to their creativity all creations shall be manufactured exclusively in house from now on. 


As one of the town’s early jewelers, the family always believed in the importance to offer their clients a high level of exclusivity.  


The foundation of this workshop was the cornerstone of the Koenigs' success. Since those days the house employs several goldsmiths and stone setters.


In 2013 the jeweler opens a second  boutique at Zurich’s most prestigious address close to  Paradeplatz to join the St. Moritz boutique.